Trolling & tracing a Scammer via Twitter

milann shrestha
3 min readNov 2, 2021

I came across a comment on David Walsh tweet about Metamask and his project. It was from a “Metamask” | Official Support”!! ROFL. I didn’t for a second before starting a Troll.

I slide into his/her/their DM as;

We had a chat, I just wanted to get their intention and I succeed. Most of the time its same technique, so I was confident.

Ahhhaa!! A link. “livesyncdapp [.] com”. We now have an obvious Phish!!

I did went along the process. Yes I put the 12 word secret key with some message on it. :P

Feeling sorry that they didn’t received anything on their system. So, I trust them and send them my note of “Secret Key”. Do not try this at home!! DONT!!

Lets track!!

Did you see what i did there? I first created a paste with message. Made it embed with iplogger and shortened url with legendary

Twitter block such IP tracing links so got to play it cool. And Walllaah!! He clicked! giving out their IP address.

And, as expected I was blocked. Guess I will never recover my metamask wallet.

So, There are hundreds of active Support Accounts on social media; Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram etc. PhishFort can help you to deal with such ongoing crypto scam and minimize the impact to company and its innocent users. They deal with phishing coming from domain, email, socials, android/ios apps.

As my bio says;

Dear scammer, I will dm you as a victim.



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